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The Rescue Dog - 09 Apr 2020 12:49


Choosing a rescue dog can be a difficult choice - all of our Spanish straws are so grateful and loving and make pets so beautiful that I wonder why anyone would want to buy them from a breeder. Get the awesome Spanish dog names.


If you have decided to adopt a stray dog ​​or someone else rescued dog, think carefully about which type of dog suits your particular lifestyle. The last thing an unwanted dog needs is to find a loving home that he won't love again after a short period of time and be considered bored.

If you are at home and most active, there is no reason not to take long walks with a large active dog if you have room to live.

Many large dogs, such as greyhounds or large heavy dogs, do not require the same exercise as smaller, heavier stressed dogs - and greyhounds in general are usually gentle pets.

If you work part-time (you really shouldn't consider having a dog when you're not at home all day), a smaller, less active dog may not need to walk long, although many smaller Dogs are very active. You should ask a dog shelter in which the dog was cared for for advice about special needs. Click for more!

Do not expect a miracle when your dog arrives for the first time. This would be very misleading, especially if it was our Spanish dog that kept us in a shelter for years or tied up somewhere.

With quiet love and understanding, she will live. Just give yourself time and space to accept it. Many people want to mess up the dog when it arrives and invite friends and family to come - but there will be plenty of time in the future. As you walk through the house, let her go and speak only with her in a friendly tone. The more you stir, the higher it becomes.

Another consideration when deciding which rescue dog to choose is whether you have time to wear a long coat. If not, stick to a dog with short hair, as a long coat requires regular attention to stay healthy.

Dog or bitch?

I personally have no choice.

Before coming to England for re-establishment, all our dogs are neutrals and they all have different personalities.

If you already have a dog, it is usually best to choose another breed of the opposite sex, which will be the "top dog".

If the reason for adopting your rescued dog is to give a friend to your existing dog, please make sure you have the ability to be patient if your first friend does not like or accept their new friend.

For this reason, some dogs came back to me, not at my fault, just because the owners hadn't thought before and they could make an insecure little dog even more vulnerable.

Young or old?

Finally, consider "old" if you can. They are generally wonderful pets and great characters. It is very sad when they are particularly forgotten

If, like our Spanish straws, they have been sheltered for years. Some say they are institutionalized and will not be disposed of, but this is not true. I rearranged some (which was supposed to be quite old), but I'm happy to say that after five or six years, they are still strong! - Comments: 0

Dental Tips for Dogs - 13 Mar 2019 11:48


It is important to attract attention to the wholesome month of pet health, pet pearls. To keep the teeth healthy and fit, tooth clean dog facials is the first and most important step to clean teeth. It is also important to use routine Veterinary Dental Examination and to clean the teeth so that the need for professional cleansing is the minimum requirement for the existence of general anesthesia. Let's now focus on dental tips for dogs:

Smell your dog's breath Usually it does not smell like humans. However, if it is particularly aggressive, is associated with vomiting, hunger, excessive drinking or loss of urine, then it is time to bring the veterinarian male dog names

Take the dog's lips and check its brain and teeth. Remember that the glue should be pink and not red or white. You do not see any swelling symptoms. Without brushing the teeth, Brown should be without Tarters.

Dogs have some symptoms of mouth disease:

Bad breath

Tension below the tongue

Excessive drawing

Swelling brain

Tooth loss

Nuggets in gum

Dog teeth can be bacteria and plaque-forming foods that can make hard tooth in the toothpick, because gingivitis is a common basis for damage to glue and tooth. The only remedy for this condition is regular cleaning of the tooth.

Get a toothbrush for dogs and dogs especially dogs and toothpaste for dogs. You can also paste it with baking soda and water. However, do not use fluoride for dogs within six months, as it can affect enamel premiere. Never use human toothpaste, because it can flower the dog's stomach. Ask your VAT to point to toothpaste for dogs.

Massage the lips with your fingers for a few weeks for 30 to 60 seconds per week or twice. Then go to the tooth and the brain. As soon as the dog feels comfortable, use dog toothpaste or water paste on baking soda and lips so that it can be used to paste it. Then introduce it to the toothbrush. Remember that the toothbrush should be smaller than a soft tickle human toothbrush.

Ask your dog to suggest some chow toys for your dog, because it can strengthen the dog's teeth. This can be nylon, rheeid and rubber chewing articles. Due to constant pain or pain, avoids overall load on dog bore and natural support is given to chew.

Ask your veterinarian for the best dry food for your dear friend who can slow down the formation of dental plaque and tartar. Never feed the dog, but treat his teeth as healthy.

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